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Our team can sit down, draw, and build your dream. We have the training and experience to draw your plan at Skidmore Inc.

Not In Town No Problem

River Rim

We have built many homes for clients living out of town. Don’t let being out of town hold your home building project from being completed.

Interior Design Assistance

Grand Entry

No need to hire an outside designer. Skidmore Inc has a designer and decorator who can design the interior of your home with furniture, flooring, curtains, and more.

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Contact us to work together in drawing your plan, then we'll price it and determine your options
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Building and buying your new home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in life.  We understand how important your home is and realize that it’s not just a house: your new home needs to be exactly what you envision.

We try to alleviate pressure from the sales process by inviting you to tell us about your dream home.  Tell us what you want, what is best for you and your family, and we’ll draw it up and work closely with you to ensure that you get what you want.  Our job is to make your dreams come true.  We’ve been doing that for decades so don’t hesitate to call us today to get started.

Skidmore is a family name, and we take pride in delivering on our promises.  Every home we’ve built has matured into a friendship, not just a transaction.  Our customers are our friends, and we hope you’ll give us a chance to work with you on your new home.

We are the area’s custom and quality home builder and contractor located in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  We work in every aspect of home construction and design from the initial concept and drafting, to the final décor and decoration.  We own properties throughout Idaho Falls and neighboring areas, including the Comore Loma development, Swan Valley and more.  We also specialize designing, framing, and finish carpentry and cabinets.

We build homes in the Idaho Falls, Jackson, Sun Valley, Driggs, Swan Valley, and other locations throughout South East Idaho.  We are able to build homes for clients that are out of state, and work well with clients from afar.  We are able to draw custom house plans, execute and build the plans, and fully design them.  We employ interior designers for more than interior layout, but also specifically for choosing and arranging colors, palettes, accents, and more.

Specializing in custom homes brings superior quality to the homes we build.  We work with clients and families ensuring that everything they want is found in their new homes.  We work diligently to provide innovation and a custom look that cannot be matched elsewhere in the Idaho Falls area.

As nearly all of our homes are custom jobs, we take special care in providing unmatched quality and finish to every construction.  We understand that most clients will spend the majority of their time in their homes once they are constructed, and therefore focus on constructing homes that we are proud of.

We are general contractors and home builders in South East Idaho.  We have over 50 years of experience and provide a full suite of services needed for any project.  Our custom and quality residential homes dot Idaho Falls, and we are excited to be working for you.

We are fully licensed and follow all state, county, and when applicable, municipal codes and regulations.