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At Skidmore Inc. we understand that nearly all small businesses want to own their space to conduct their business. Not only that, but that nearly every profession, business, and company, has different and unique needs when it comes to professional office space. A doctor desires a layout that accommodates different exam rooms and equipment. Tech companies require well outfitted buildings and office space to operate their different computers, servers, and other needs. We understand that every company that has a special need for a building isn’t necessarily in a position to own and construct their own building. Therefore we offer a wide variety of commercial properties for lease in the Idaho Falls area. We are able to assist our leasing clients with design modifications and retrofitting office spaces to meet all the requirements they require. So if you need a commercial property or retail space, contact us at Skidmore Inc. We have office space for lease right now and can help any company and business be on their way to a more professional location. Now Pre-Leasing The Brighton
ADDRESS Use Square Footage Cam Charges SF Cam $ Sq. Ft. Asking Price Monthly Cam Charges Monthly Rent Charges
The Brighton
3500 S 25th E, Ste 1 (Drive Through – Pending) Retail/Office 1931 Yes $4.15 $36.00 $667.80 $5,793.00
3500 S 25th E, Ste 3 Retail/Office 1994.32 Yes $4.15 $30.00 $689.70 $4,985.80
3500 S 25th E, Ste 4 Retail/Office 1327.35 Yes $4.15 $30.00 $459.04 $3,318.38
3500 S 25th E, Ste 5 (Pending) Retail/Office 2108.26 Yes $4.15 $30.00 $729.11 $5,270.65
3500 S 25th E, Ste 6 (Pending) Retail/Office 1327.74 Yes $4.15 $34.00 $459.18 $3,761.93

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