Skidmore Inc's Custom Home Builders Process

Skidmore Inc. has been building custom homes in Idaho Falls and surrounding area since 1958. Our skilled craftsman and quality building has stood against time and economic hardships while remaing a steady business. While many builders will low bid a quality home just to add change orders later, Skidmore Inc strives to get you the most accurate price on your custom home before starting the project. Call today to get started on your custom home and what to do next.

Build Your Dreams Today!

Building a custom home is a dream many people share. It's a wonderful process that you've worked so hard to achieve. Whether this is your first custom home or returning experience, we'll help you get it right. Let's review a few basic steps for what to expect when Skidmore Inc. builds your custom home.

1. Location
Property Location

Some start with plans, but how do you know what to design if you don't know your location. We have many locations to build in South East Idaho, our specialty is the foothills of Idaho Falls.

2. Draw Plans
Draw Plans

We are a design build contractor, meaning we will draw your plans in house and help you get things right. We'll see it through the plan stage to the end of the build process.

3. design
Designer Specifics

Meet with our professional interior designer to make your selections and get into the details of your new home. See the project come to life as you make your choices with a pro.

4. Budget
Budget & Financing

Once plans have been drawn and specifications have been decided on, it's time to get official prices (not guessing or "estimates"). Skidmore Inc wants to get you the most accurate price for your custom built home.

5. Construction
Construction Process

Let's get started! Now that contracts are signed and financing is in place it's time to hit the ground running. Skidmore Inc. strives to be safe, so keep your hard hat on and watch your fingers. Here we go.

6. Schedule
Schedule & Updates

Using Skidmore Inc.'s online resources, you can check in on the project for total transparency. Each client has an online login to review current schedule, budgets , change orders, and even jobsite reports and photos.

7. Completion
Project Completion & Walkthrough

After months of decisions and hours of work, your custom built home nears the finish line. We'll do a full walk through on your home and explain all the new appliances and features, not to mention catch the last minute items that need attention.

8. warranty

Welcome to your new home! As you experience your new custom built home, you can rest assured knowing that you're in good hands. Skidmore Inc. works with reputable contractors that provide a warranty along side our year warranty. We look forward to a continued relationship with you.

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