Residential Development

Residential Development

At Skidmore Inc., we are a general contractor that specializes in land development in Southeast Idaho. Developing communities since 1956, we are experts in our industry. Our team designs and constructs all aspects of residential and business properties.

Our residential developments have a wide range. We developed Centennial Ranch, Fox Hollow, Summer Field, Legends Gated Community, Deer Creek, Comore Loma, and many more. See a list of our existing properties below.

Comore Loma Division 31-32

Comore Loma Division 31 connects Middle Fork road to Packbridge Lane while it extends Sage Wood Dr. This division has some view lots and some that nestle down in the hills.

Map & PriceProtective Covenants

Teton View Estates

Teton View Estates is a townhome style subdivision located next to Sage Lakes Golf Course in Idaho Falls. These lots will be sold in pairs due to the nature of the building structure townhome style. More information coming soon.

Map & Price

Why Buy Property with Skidmore Inc?

We are the foremost authority in residential property services. We are experts in crafting custom plans, framing, carpentry, and customized interior design. 

We begin by working with you, identifying your needs and desires for your residential property. We determine the dimensions of your residence-to-be, planning the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, stories, and basement, including garages and storage. We work with you to know exactly what you want in your residence to better understand what property fits your needs and wants.

We offer insights into what works best in the space available and your property layout. Depending on whether you are constructing within city limits or further in the country, we know that there are special demands and desires that will need to be addressed to ensure that your future home is constructed to the highest standards.

We follow all state and county laws and regulations for southeast Idaho residential property construction. We ensure that no detail is overlooked so that your home is safe, secure, and up to codes, regulations, and standards. You can rest assured that your home is everything you want it to be and more. It is not simply a place to live, but it will be your home in which to raise future generations.

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