Commercial Build

Commercial Building

Build To Lease

Want to start that business you’ve diligently worked to establish and build, but don’t quite have the money to buy the land and building? Contact us and we can review your options on building to lease. Built to lease reduces start up overhead and gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Build To Own

Are you looking for property to construct a building for your new business? Maybe you own the property but you need a builder. We have built many commercial buildings in Idaho and possess the knowledge and quality workmanship to build your new office or store.

Location, Location…

You know what they say, location is everything. At Skidmore Inc., we offer the best property locations in Idaho Falls for both retail and office spaces. If you are looking for property to own or a place to rent, we have what you need. Contact us today and a representative will answer any questions you may have.

Build Your Dreams Today!

Let’s Work Together To Build Your Business

At Skidmore Inc., we are general contractor experts and professionals that work in all areas of construction throughout the Idaho Falls and South East Idaho area. Specializing in commercial constructions, our completed buildings are on display as the best work and craftsmanship in the area.

Many of our commercial constructions can be found at the Sagewood Centers across from Edwards Theater. We constructed Perkins, OK Trailer in Shelley, Dale’s Jewelers, Captain’s Cove, and many more as well. We work in a wide variety of fields: residential, industrial, and commercial constructions. Not only do we develop commercial and professional areas in South East Idaho and specifically Idaho Falls, but we also own the locations and lease them. This helps smaller and newer companies and businesses avoid the stress of the finical burdens in developing a location they own.

We bring years of experience to any project. Working together with our clients from the initial concept to the finished project, we have everything a company needs to make their ideal building dream a reality.

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